Improve. Thrive. Grow.

Discover the power of effective leadership through improved self-awareness. Diane is passionate about empowering you to lead optimally and live purposefully and joyfully.

Grow as a professional and as a leader.

There is value in every idea and experience. Diane’s purpose at Spartan Warrior, LLP is to help individuals unleash their full potential. She is passionate about cultivating excellence in her clients and guiding them to improve all facets of their growth.

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Leadership Development Programs

Leading by example is the way Diane helps move people into action. The question shouldn’t be whether you are a leader or not, but what type of a leader you will be.

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Over 37 years of leadership experience

Get the right guidance and motivation to become the best version of yourself with Diane’s help. She can provide you with the appropriate coaching method to give you the push you need to succeed.

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Am I a leader?

Parents, therapists, health care providers, solo entrepreneurs, sports coaches, consultants, mentors, partners in a relationship, teachers, authors, and others who interact with people regularly are all leaders.

Executive Leadership

Having someone in your life who listens to you completely without judgment and without trying to fix you is truly valuable. Discussing internal contemplations, such as choosing between doing what is expected from you and what you want to do is important to align your personal goals and priorities. 

Custom Workshops

Diane is your champion, your advocate, and your honest source of objective feedback. She will listen objectively and help you customize the approach that is needed to help you unlock the answers you need.

Mind-Body Connection

Your brain and body are connected. Your routines contribute greatly to what you can accomplish in any given day. What you eat, your physical fitness, and your attitude are all important components in your plan for success.

Leadership Development

Diane has partnered with Academy Leadership, LLC in the Kansas City metro area to deliver impactful programs to transform leaders to the next level of effectiveness, optimizing their influence and performance.

Developing This Trait in Others

Diane is passionate about empowering people to lead and live purposefully and joyfully. Turning knowledge into action equips these individuals to achieve their goals, define their success, and feel fully satisfied both professionally and personally.

Empowered and engaged leaders prioritize their day to focus on the most important things — being proactive, responsive, and reflective in real-time and of the future — so that they can hone their influence and effectiveness. Diane encourages people to be “all in” to further their development and growth.

How It’s Gonna Happen

Diane Wilhelm

Diane's approach is value-based and process-focused. She is committed to the mastery of mindsets relating to continuous learning, growth, and improvement, which are all vital to delivering optimal performance and results.  Opportunity is everywhere and in every experience, if one opens one’s mind to all the possibilities.

Previous Experience

  • Chief Engineer of Advanced Manufacturing at Harley-Davidson Motor Company
  • Manufacturing Executive with General Motors
  • Serving in the United States Army for 11 years on active duty, achieving the rank of Major in the Military Police Corps

Diane’s Credentials and Affiliations


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