May 3, 2021

2021 May Energy Check!

Spartan Warrior, LLP

How’s your stress level? 

Effective leadership is NOT about control. Effective, anabolic 

leadership is collaborative, flexible, inspirational while also 

being highly productive! In April’s Newsletter we reviewed the 

Energy Drives Success 

two basic types of energy; Catabolic and Anabolic. Most corporations, indeed many families, are living in a state of catabolic energy. Think of it like swimming in a stream of draining, exhausting, destructive energy. In this stream, people spend the majority of their time focusing on what’s WRONG. What’s wrong with the product, the process, the service, the employee, the relationship, etc. The lens (perspective) is very binary — right/wrong, good/bad, win/lose. In this mode, the leader uses a lot of effort and energy to “DO” leadership. 

Conversely, anabolic energy is healing, rejuvenating, creative and inspiring. In this stream, the leader’s focus is on what’s RIGHT; what opportunities are present, in what ways can they achieve solutions. The lens (perspective) is solution based, low judgement (of self and others), and high energy. In this mode, the leader has limitless energy; being is easier than doing

Which stream are you swimming in? Which stream do you WANT to swim in?


It begins with choice. Choose to be a conscious leader who strives to operate with anabolic energy and responds thoughtfully to situations. Not choosing, by default, is a choice to lead catabolically as an unconscious leader, ignorant of the effect their energy has on them and others. Remember, you have the ability to create your lens (perspective). How you show up as a leader in every moment is up to you. 


Be a student of your own actions and behaviors. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings associated with those actions and behaviors. Slow down to go fast! Taking a few seconds to be self-aware throughout your day is akin to dipping your toe into the stream of anabolic energy. Carve a few minutes out at the start or end of your day to reflect. Reflection = learning and growing; identifying your level of satisfaction with your performance, asking yourself where the opportunities are. It is NOT judging yourself; if you find yourself focusing on “what’s wrong” then that is your flag to recognize the catabolic energy. Ask yourself: 

1. What am I feeling right now? 

2. What are my core thoughts? 

3. What’s another way to look at this situation? 

As you practice increasing your consciousness you will also increase your ability to reframe your perspective. You will be able to choose how you respond to stress rather than reacting and allowing the situation to choose for you. 

Next month, we will begin unwrapping the Influencers that either enhance or drain your energy. Until then, practice-practice-practice! 

Who needs coaching? 

Everyone! Engaging with me as a coach provides you with a 

professional who listens without judgement; who provides 


insight to unlock solutions you already have but may not readily see; who challenges you in a champion way to be your very best. Learn more about unlocking your potential and 

mastering the art of anabolic leadership by clicking on the image and scheduling a complimentary coaching consultation. Or, if your style is more direct, email me at [email protected]

Leadership is Learned! 

A sad reality is that the average employee is with a company 

ten years before they attend a formal leadership development 

Leadership is a Team 

program! Even worse, the higher a leader is promoted, the

Sport LESS they invest in themselves for sustained leadership growth and development. 

Does that make sense?? Executives with increased responsibility receive LESS leadership development! Does this sound familiar? Is this information hitting close to home? 

There is no better time to take action than right now. Open yourself to the possibilities of growth, learning and honing your leadership effectiveness by signing up for the June Leadership Excellence Course, in association with Academy Leadership, LLC. 


Practice wellness and fitness and avoid FOMO (Fear of 

Missing Out) by joining me at the 48th Hospital Hill Run on 

June 5th! You can participate in the 5k, 10k, or Half 

Marathon. Celebrate your health and engage in this 

Kansas City Running tradition while supporting Children’s 


Mercy Hospital! Click the image to register today. 

_Remember, you cannot always choose your circumstances, but you can always choose your attitude!

Diane Wilhelm


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Spartan Warrior, LLP
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