January 4, 2022

2022 January Energy Check!

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Hello Winter!

Remember those goals you were pondering last month? Now that you’ve applied AIM SMART, it’s time to put those goals into action! (See the December Energy Check newsletter for details on AIM SMART)

January Energy Check!

Focus On the Moment

The purpose of setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timebound) goals is to ensure that you are clear about your path, the purpose of the goals, and your commitment to achieve the goals. Adding AIM to the formula sets you up for success by focusing on a range of outcomes rather than just one and learning/improving from those outcomes.
I urge you to consider adopting a mantra for Q1 as many of you kick off your “new year, new you” goals: Now is All there Ever is. Sound lofty? Sound like I’ve been dipping into my medicinal herbs? Hear me out…this foundation principle of Core Energy is simply stating the importance of focusing on the moment. Being truly engaged in what you are doing, all of your senses focused on that moment, that experience, that conversation, that activity.

Anxiety and worry live in the future; guilt and regret live in the past.

To achieve the AIM SMART goals that you have kicked off this month, embrace that mantra. When you are tempted to multi-task, tell yourself “Now is all there ever is.” When you’re tempted to check your phone during your kid’s hockey game remember “Now is all there ever is.” When you catch yourself mentally wandering off when you should be listening to what your significant other is saying, refocus with “Now is all there ever is.” As the sun sets on your first week of working on your goals, leverage this mantra during your reflection so that you evaluate and learn rather than judge and condemn.
The reason so many New Year’s Resolutions are broken before the end of January is because they weren’t SMART, they weren’t AIM’d, and the focus was on perfection. One misstep and out the window goes that resolution. “Welp, I missed going to the gym like I planned, guess that goal didn’t work.” “I ate that triple chocolate cake and it was so yummy but definitely not on my diet so I guess diets just aren’t for me.” “I did everything right but the scale didn’t budge, I guess I just can’t lose weight.” Sound familiar? Evaluate and learn; stop the tendency to judge and condemn. Remember that “Now is all there ever is.”

Apply your new mantra and flip the script! Now it’s “I didn’t go to the gym every day but I went twice so that’s moving in the right direction.” “I ate that yummy chocolate cake but today is a new day to remember why I want to eat more healthfully.” “I did everything per plan but the scale didn’t move; that’s ok because I do feel better and this is a journey.” The big lie is that multi-tasking makes you more efficient. It does not. The opposite is true: focus on the moment. Fully focus, be engaged with mind, body and soul. Embrace that “now is all there ever is” and I promise that you will immediately see the world differently; you will take a big step toward a Mastery Mindset and surpassing the goals that you set!

Set up a free consultation with me to learn more about the Mastery Mindset and other iPEC foundational tools and principles! Click any image to be directed to my website.

January Energy Check!
Whole Foods

Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

It’s winter and what we hear is that it’s “cold and flu” season. In reality, these viruses don’t go away in the summer. We create the perception that illnesses have a season but the truth is that winter, depending on where you live, is the Vitamin D deficiency season. We process Vit D via sunlight but that sunlight needs to be above a 30 degree angle for that processing to occur. That means for many of us, we go through 2 months of processing zero Vitamin D in winter which directly reduces the strength of our immune system. So now is a critical time for you to take a Vit D supplement; it’s fat soluble (unlike Vitamin C which is water soluble). A good (free) App to track your Vit D blood level is the D-Minder App. The App takes into consideration your size/weight to suggest the right daily intake for you.

Other preventative measures you can take to either avoid or reduce the severity of viruses include adding the following to your daily health regimen: eat whole foods (reduce refined sugar & processed foods), take Vit C, D, Zinc, Magnesium, Quercetin (best with zinc), and NAC.

If you feel like you’re getting sick, add Elderberry and Echinacea to your daily vitamin regimen. There is no reason for anyone to accept that getting sick in winter is an eventuality. That is a victim mindset! Practice a proactive mindset and avoid or lessen illnesses this winter by taking these supplements and making whole foods the major part of your daily diet.

January Energy Check!

Own Your Path

For the month of January, take advantage of discounted pricing for the Energy Leadership Index (ELI). This assessment measures your leadership potential based on your level of consciousness (self-awareness). Unlike other assessments you may have experienced, the ELI is an attitudinal assessment; 100% of the changes you may want to make after receiving the assessment results and debrief, are in your hands.

Diane Wilhelm

You can’t always choose your circumstances, but you can always choose your attitude!

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January 4, 2022


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