June 8, 2022

2022 June Energy Check

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Life is a Journey

The essence of the Mastery Mindset philosophy is recognizing that life is a journey. Outcomes/results, are the byproducts of that journey as we make our way through this amazing opportunity we call LIFE. Who is in the driver’s seat of your journey? How do you take in the experiences along the way? Is your focus on the route you’re taking or the destination? Are you savoring the journey or rushing each moment to hurry up and get….where? Is the road you’re on bumpy or smooth, straight or curvy, flat or hilly? If you are not in the driver’s seat of your life journey, who or what is?
We will dive into this and more so if the journey you are on is leaving you stressed, concerned, unhappy, unfulfilled, tired, burned out or otherwise wishing you could switch routes, read on to learn how YOU can be confidently, joyfully and peacefully in the driver’s seat!

June Energy Check
Be Fearless

Owning It

In my previous corporate executive role, we often used the term BLUF to get to the meat of the topic quickly; Bottom Line UFront. So, here you go – the BLUF is that YOU own your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

If you are not feeling like you are in the driver’s seat of your journey, it is likely because you have deflected ownership to other people, things, events, circumstances. The engine in that train is your thoughts. Your thoughts drive your feelings which then drive your actions/behaviors.
The challenge is that we live in a catabolic world, a world of continuous judging, labeling, and fire-fighting arsonists. That makes it even more important for you to get your thoughts in order. It’s hard enough to deal with the onslaught of negativity that surrounds us, we often have to also deal with our own instigator of self-doubt, our own personal self-saboteur. As author Jon Acuff puts it in his book Soundtracks, our own “pocket jury…the whispers in your brain that judge you, give you pause, and say you’re not good enough.”
This inner critic pops up right when you need him not to; when you are about to do something challenging, something you haven’t done before, something super important. If this “pocket jury” is holding you back from really engaging in life, holding you back from being your best self, then it’s time to repurpose the jury. First, notes iPEC, recognize that this inner critic was born in your youth as a way to protect you from being hurt, from embarrassment, from criticism. It’s entirely possible to repurpose that inner critic to become your inner advocate, to reprogram the jury to become your cheering section. In order to do this, you must embrace the importance of your thoughts. Flip the script on your thoughts, especially when that “pocket jury” sounds off, and you are on your way to owning your energy, owning your attitude and owning your journey. Acuff asserts, “use the power of your thoughts to instill hope and create opportunities.” Remember, you are always at choice. Abdicating that choice is in fact, a choice.
Ok, how do I flip the script?? Perhaps that question is on your lips or more accurately, echoing in your thoughts! Here are some tips to own your thoughts and repurpose the negativity of your inner-critic to being your inner-helper.
* Turn down the volume of your inner-critic and begin changing the message by creating a response to it. When that voice/thought holds you back, respond with something like, “Thanks, but I’m driving.” Or, “thanks, I’ll be just fine.”
* Make sure that you are practicing self-care. Refuel your anabolic energy with exercise, a hobby, an activity that you truly enjoy.
* Create affirmations or mantras that you can consistently recite to yourself. Take the Zig Ziglar 30-day positive affirmation challenge! Make a list (doesn’t have to be long) of positive statements and then recite them (read them aloud) to yourself in the morning while you’re getting ready for your day and at night, before you go to bed. Posting them on your bathroom mirror may be a great visual cue!
It may sound hokey to recite affirmations to yourself but what you are actually doing is REPLACING the negative thoughts with positive ones. Refuel yourself with anabolic energy as much as you can! Acuff cites research on this 30-day challenge with 10k people. The study concluded that participants “decreased their overthinking, boosted their productivity and overall satisfaction, and increased their likelihood of achieving their goals.” The power of owning your thoughts!


Good days start with good thoughts! — Zig Ziglar

For more iPEC centered information and tips on managing your thoughts, feelings and actions click on the image and connect with me!

June Energy Check
Stretch Yourself

Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Embracing the Mastery Mindset philosophy means embracing the process rather than the outcomes, and looking beyond the comfort zone. Why do we stay stuck in our routines, our comfort zone? It’s safe. Sure, we may not like it; we may wish we could fit into those summer shorts or wish we could speak well in public but avoiding discomfort guarantees safety.

It also guarantees mediocrity and never experiencing our full potential! Since we only get one shot at this amazing life journey, let’s not limit ourselves! In the Army we called this “embracing the suck!” Welcome the challenges, the tough days, the painful moments as opportunities to learn, grow and optimize.
I am declaring June as the JUST ONE month! I am challenging you to try JUST ONE new thing, something that really stretches you. Maybe it’s related to your fitness: try a new sport, activity, join a league, go tandem skydiving! Maybe it’s health related: try a new nutrition program (2B Mindset is excellent by the way), commit to 8 full hours of sleep for a set period of time, or simply drink 64 ounces of water each day! Maybe it’s stress related and you opt to accept the Zig Ziglar 30-day challenge, or block time on your calendar for reading a book, or you commit to actively choose and shift your energy (attitude) daily. Maybe it’s confronting a fear that has been an obstacle in your path; join Toast Masters to overcome fear of public speaking, take dance lessons and overcome a fear of judgment from others.
Pick something that stretches you, makes you a tad nervous, maybe even scares you a bit. Push yourself. Share the JUST ONE thing commitment with someone that will partner with you to support you. You may find that the JUST ONE thing creates a slew of helpful habits and confidence that propels you to do more! Remember to embrace the JUST ONE thing with fearlessness, openness and zero judgment.
Share your experiences with me by clicking on the image and posting your comments in the June Energy Check section. Let’s have some fun this month and grow at the same time!

June Energy Check
You Got This!


BEing is effortless, doing is work. — Bruce D. Schneider

When you live authentically, showing up aligned with who you are, what you believe, what you value…you will embody the joy of BEing. Choose to BE.
Partner with me on your life journey to unlock your true potential, reduce working and increase being. How well are you taking care of yourself? 

Are you always last on the priority list? When you put yourself last, when you sacrifice your self-care, you are ensuring that you will be suboptimal in performance. Leaders understand that to take care of others they must first take care of themselves.
Jumpstart your self-care journey this month starting with your health & fitness! Click on the image and enjoy a June only product discount using the code: DIANEJUNE20
Join my BOD group and share your June JUST ONE thing commitment for positive support and encouragement.

Diane Wilhelm
Leadership & Wellness Coach


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