December 21, 2022

2022 December Energy Check!

Spartan Warrior, LLP

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December is one of my favorite months despite the fact that I truly do not enjoy cold weather or snow! I love the opportunity to share the gospel with others since Christ is the focus of Christmas. I also enjoy the festive decorations that people put out, on and around their houses! I love the vibe of thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity that seems to peak at this time of year and I enjoy others sharing their faiths of celebration with me.
Additionally, I love the opportunity to reflect on the year, doing a simple “year in review.” I’m energized and uplifted by the highlights and I embrace the “lowlights” as opportunities to learn, grow and develop….sometimes this also involves healing, with regard to the loss of my brother in March. Healing is a process, not a destination. With reflection of the past comes restoration and planning for the future! But most of all, I love that December provides an opportunity to connect with friends and family, to strengthen or renew relationships, and to serve others. So this month, my message is focused on reflection of the past, engagement of the now, and planning for what lies ahead!

December Energy Check!

Year in Review

Professional Coaching
I had a great year working with many awesome clients to further their careers and optimize their leadership effectiveness and influence via Executive Leadership Coaching. Over the course of this year I supported 13 clients and logged over 95 hours of one-on-one coaching! One of the aspects I enjoy most is that the majority of my clients stay connected with me, keeping me updated on their accomplishments, their experiences, their growth and sharing how increasing their self-awareness and managing their energy in the moment has changed not only their leadership impact but their lives as a whole. There are no words to express my joy in this profession!

Wellness, Health & Fitness Coaching
My strategic plan included integrating my passion for health and fitness into my business within 3 years of launching. I’m happy to report that I met my goal and expanded into this fun genre in April of this year! It’s been exceptionally rewarding helping my clients to transform their lives via nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. Leveraging the BODi platform has been a force multiplier and huge value-add for my clients. Since April, I’ve added 9 clients to my practice with a specific focus on transforming their lifestyle, logging over 44 hours of one-on-one coaching!

Working with great clients in all genres has really been a dream come true for me. It’s truly a blessing to be lifted up by what I do. It’s also had a great impact on my own self-awareness and leadership by example.

December Energy Check!

Leadership Development & Public Speaking

In addition to my coaching practice, I’ve enjoyed partnering with Academy Leadership LLC to deliver awesome leadership development programs here in the greater KC metro area as well as virtually. This year I led one on-site Leadership Excellence Course (LEC) as well as one virtual LEC and one virtual Graduate Leadership Course (GLC). On the planning side, I’ve assisted with business case development for more on-site client opportunities in 2023.

Keeping to my calendar priorities, it’s not possible for me to accept every speaking invitation that I receive; though I am very honored and blessed to receive them! This year I provided a keynote presentation at the October PMI, KC Chapter meeting on Energized Leadership. Had a lot of fund with that! Last but not least, I partnered with Kathy, a West Point classmate, to deliver a lunch-n-learn talk at our West Point Women’s Class of 1985 gathering in Park City, UT. The topic of elevating leadership through a daily self-reflection and intention-setting technique was very well received.
All in all, 2022 has proven to be a very full year; a fulfilling year indeed.

What’s In Store for 2023?

I am committed to enable my business to grow organically. I look at every situation as an opportunity to learn, grow, improve, serve. Perhaps the best descriptor for me in 2023 is “More: full engagement in every moment with every person that I encounter!” Helping more leaders to become the very best version of themselves. Helping more people reclaim their joy for life by transforming from where they are to where they want to BE. Sharing the power of owning your energy and BEING rather than doing.

December Energy Check!

Whether it’s individual transformation via one-on-one coaching or leadership development leveraging the great Academy Leadership programs that I deliver, or if it’s simply to seek advice and consultation to improve your business operations…I stand ready to partner with you!
Most importantly in 2023, I seek to continue cherishing every moment that I have with family and friends. More quality time with family and friends, embracing fun activities and events…such as tandem skydiving with my daughter Morguen for Mother’s Day this year, Zoom calls with Kelsea or Go Green Farm time with Hubby! More serving others! Life is a precious and finite commodity; the frantic pace of the world can lure us into a mode of existing rather than truly LIVING. I was reminded of that this morning as I looked out my window to see a gentle snow fall; so quiet and peaceful, so beautiful on our forest and pond. Taking in that view, I was filled with a sense of joy and gratefulness for where I am in life and where I am yet to go.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Blessed and Joyous New Year to Everyone!

Diane Wilhelm
BE the Change you want to See!

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