April 7, 2023

2023 April Energy Check!

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The Season of Renewal

Spring is my favorite season. The rebirth of life around us is so inspiring! From the grass and trees to flowers, to returning birds, to baby animals and ultimately, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ! In all ways physical, environmental, spiritual; this season is about restoration, rebirth, resurrection, renewal, and hope. No matter what challenges we encounter we can rest in the mindset of “this too shall pass,” as we keep our focus on choosing perspective and moving forward. Spring is the season of opportunity and a reminder that we are always at choice! This month we’ll learn how our individual mindset translates to a team mindset, the importance of a Personal Leadership Philosophy (PLP) and what that actually is, and an important and fun way to get your Whole Body Fitness going.

Resilience Predictors

Chart from Neurozone

Neuroscience and the Team Mindset

Did you know that there’s a “Global Unhappiness Index?” Turns out that there is and it is charted by Gallup. They noted in their 2022 Gallup Global Emotions report that world-wide, the rate of unhappiness has been steadily increasing since they began this tracking in 2006. While many variables factor into the causes of unhappiness, the Neurozone company noted in their study, Neuroscience of Teams 2023, that a key factor is resilience. The authors Van Der Walt & Drath define resilience as the “innate capacity to overcome challenges and to learn and grow through those experiences.” The resilience factor is increased and therefore stronger within teams than individuals. This ties directly to high anabolic energy which enables us to view all experiences as opportunities for growth, learning, and development.
Take a look at the Neruozone chart in the image that identifies the predictors of team resilience. Remember, team resilience is stronger than individual resilience; that said, energy attracts like energy! That means that IF each team member chooses to elevate their energy (perspective, outlook) then it will attract those around them to do the same. Note that the #1 predictor of team resilience is Psychological Safety; makes sense, right? Trust within the team must be strong which requires an environment of safety. If you reflect on each predictor from the lens of choice that we have in every moment of every day, it presents a great formula for improving team resilience which in turn improves overall team performance.

Nuggets to Improve Team Mindset

As individuals, purpose in life is critical. The same applies to teams! Ensure that the team has a stated “Team Purpose” or “Team Mission Statement.”
Everything affects everything within a team. Energy is contagious and attracts like energy. Enthusiasm, mood, empathy, trust within the team are built on transparency and mutual accountability. Team “Rules of Engagement” or “Ground Rules” will support a culture of transparency.
Groups and teams are comprised of people, not robots. Therefore, bonding and a sense of belonging are critical for team development and performance. Highlight the uniqueness of your team, why should someone want to belong to this group? Every team needs an identity and the leader is critical in establishing the “best of the best” mindset.
Mindfulness is paramount. As Van Der Walt and Drath noted, “mindset determines what we see; mindfulness determines how MUCH we see!” This is a function of self-awareness and elevating energy (perspective, outlook). The more anabolic energy, the MORE you see (factors, solutions, opportunities) in what you experience. The more catabolic energy, the LESS you see (binary lens of good/bad, right/wrong, win/lose) in what you experience.

Educate your team by sharing this newsletter, investing in taking the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) with me, or reading Energy Leadership by Bruce D. Schneider. You can refresh your memory around anabolic energy versus catabolic energy, how to leverage BOTH to your advantage and maintaining a peaceful heart, by referring back to my past newsletters — OR — simply connect with me to learn more!

High Performance Energy

Energy Matters

What is a Personal Leadership Philosophy?

The leader is critical in ensuring that the energy blockers are reduced or eliminated while simultaneously promoting the energy boosters (see image). A foundational way to do this is for each leader to have a written and communicated Personal Leadership Philosophy (PLP). First, let’s dig into what a TRUE PLP is and what it is not. If you use your favorite search engine you’ll discover that there are hundreds of examples and definitions of a PLP yet the definitions are not consistent. The term “PLP” has become popular in the leadership training and development industry. You’ll find everything from a personal “why statement” most popularly associated with Simon Sinek’s Ted Talks, to “leadership statements” which summarize in 2-4 sentences what your values, priorities and deal breakers are, to the more in-depth variety that I’ve used since discovering it as a young Captain in the U.S. Army, as I took command of the 109th Military Police Company in Frankfurt, Germany many years ago. While the “why statement” and “leadership statements” are definitely valuable and worthwhile, they don’t represent the full potential and power of an in-depth PLP because they are generally not shared in a written format, nor shared in one-on-one sessions with each direct report; and don’t include key expectations in both directions.
The in-depth PLP, the type that was birthed in the military known as a Commander’s Intent, then brought to the civilian world is the gold standard of PLP’s. Why? The optimal value of a PLP is that it serves multiple purposes.

A Powerful PLP Delivers

Vision of Leadership. The values, core beliefs, personal purpose, intent and vision of the leader are spelled out in the very first paragraph as well as why this vision of leadership is important.
Expectations going both ways. What the leader expects of direct reports AND what those direct reports can expect of the leader.
Communication style, professional priorities, for the leader and for the direct reports.
Idiosyncrasies or “hot buttons.” Identify these clearly so that direct reports know these upfront rather than discovering them over time by triggering them! Also include any intolerable behaviors that would break trust, break the relationship or risk team membership.
Feedback preferences for both the leader and the direct reports. This is not the annual evaluation type of performance feedback, this is the informal, ongoing feedback relationship.
The last paragraph of the PLP highlights the MUTUAL commitment of the leader and the direct report to work together, collaboratively, for growth, learning, and development.

Done well, a written and communicated PLP establishes and maintains trust thereby fueling the Energy Boosters while minimizing the Energy Blockers and Energy Leakers (see image). The leader uses their PLP for recurring reflection as well as a source of soliciting feedback from direct reports. A concise “why statement” or “leadership statements” are good exercises to prime the pump but do not provide the full, optimal benefit of an in-depth PLP; they cannot because they are incomplete.
Leverage the maximum benefit of a complete, in-depth PLP by clicking on the image and scheduling your customized PLP workshop with me.

Sources: Tips for Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy, Penn State Extension March 9, 2023 & Complete Personal Leadership Philosophy


A KC Running Tradition

Run with Me!

Whole body fitness is the key to longevity as well as health and well-being. That said, my favorite cardio is running. After taking a break from racing in 2022, I’m back to running half-marathons this year, kicking off with Rock the Parkway in April and Hospital Hill Run (HHR) in June. To celebrate my comeback and HHR’s 50th anniversary, I am offering TWO FREE registrations for the June 3rd suite of races. The FREE registration can be applied to the 5k, 10k or the half-marathon! This is a $50.00 – $115.00 value! Drawing for the two winners will be held on April 24th. Winners will be notified by email.
Multiple ways to win a free registration!

1. Join my free and private wellness journey support group. All new members receive one entry into the drawing! Join Here!

2. New newsletter subscribers earn one entry into the drawing, so please forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested in running (or walking) the 50th HHR! Simply click on the image and complete the Contact information, please note “HHR” in the comments.

3. Purchase a tub of Hydrate (which you can use during the race or for any cardio activity) and earn three free entries into the drawing! Learn more about Hydrate or purchase here.
Are these ways to win stackable? OF COURSE THEY ARE! Remember, winners will be drawn on April 24th and notified via EMAIL so ensure that the email that you use for any of the above methods is active and monitored. You can add your cell number as a back-up if desired.

Everyone is a leader, either by choice or by default. At any given moment, we are always leading ourselves. Every person we encounter throughout the day is influenced by our energy, our communication, our behavior. Each of those interactions is an opportunity to lift someone up or tear them down. What is your leadership legacy? You are building it with every interaction so choose wisely. Learn more by engaging with me in either a custom workshop or a dedicated 1:1 coaching program. Your purposeful legacy and peaceful heart are one click away.

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