May 4, 2023

2023 May Energy Check!

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Time to Sow

We are now firmly on the Spring path, happily heading toward the goals of the season. Where I live, there is a lot of planting going on! Not only commercial crops like wheat, soybean, and corn but many small, micro-farmers are busy planting vegetables, fruit, and trees. It’s hard to pass a home without seeing someone in their yard planting flowers, bushes, trees, cultivating their lawn, clearing out the old and making way for the new.
Last month we talked about renewal, reflection and rejuvenation. This month we’ll take a look at how to use our energy to boost us towards those goals and hopeful harvests. No one would put so much effort into planting gardens and then abandon them. We nurture what we plant; we fertilize and we water. Yet…when it comes to our personal growth and resurgence, we sometimes abandon our goals and dreams, we neglect to feed our inspiration, we grow weary of putting in the work. While others eventually reap the harvest of what they sow, some of us look at them and wonder why that can’t be us, conveniently skipping the part where we neglected to “work our garden of goals.” It’s understandable but not inevitable. How to keep moving forward? Let’s find out!


You Got This!

Energy Attracts Like Energy

In one of the last interviews before his untimely death, Kobe Bryant was asked how he was able to build a life of being a consistently great basketball player. His response was that he focused on being BETTER. He reflected on every facet of the game, his skills, his thinking, his strengths and weaknesses, game strategy, his opponents, and worked out actions that he could do every day to get BETTER. Every day. He worked on getting BETTER. Every. Day. He went on to say that he applied that philosophy to his life, to being a parent, to his business.
Now, think about a big goal that you have. Maybe it’s a work goal, maybe it’s a life/career goal. Maybe it’s a personal goal or maybe it’s a relationship goal. Pick one that you consider a “stretch goal,” one that scares you a bit. Got it in mind? Good! Now, ask yourself…over the past 7 days, did you work on that goal? Did you focus on that goal? Did you prioritize your time around that goal? Did you wake up thinking about that goal? Did you set your intentions in the morning to move (take actions) toward that goal? Was the majority of your effort moving you closer to that goal? Did you do some homework about that goal? Did you go to sleep at night pleased with your work but hungry to get at it again?
If you answered YES to all of those questions, then keep going! You are well on the path of self-discipline, putting in the work to reap the harvest in the future! If you answered YES to some of them but most were NO, ask yourself what got in the way. If you found yourself answering NO to all of the questions, ask yourself why you set that goal. Here’s the truth: if your “want to” is strong enough, you will put in the work.
Very few people answer all of those questions YES. The good news is that you are 100% in control of the primary ingredient to keep you going on that path of minute by minute, hour by hour, daily WORK to achieve that goal. You are 100% in control of being BETTER in every moment! Thousands of books, podcasts, and programs have been published on the topic of success. How to get it. How to keep it. How to create it. All good sources of information but guess what? The secret to your success, the secret to achieving that big, scary goal, is MINDSET.
Energy attracts like energy. Put a picture of that goal or a reminder of that goal, everywhere. A sticky note on your bathroom mirror, a background on your laptop or phone screen, on the fridge, in your car, on the TV. Put it everywhere. Use these reminders to reset your energy. Elevate your attitude; visualize what it will look like, feel like to achieve your goal. Fill your mind with the anabolic thoughts to be BETTER, to step closer to your goal. When doubt creeps in, when you get tired, when you feel discouraged, look at the reminders and reframe your thoughts. If you dwell in high energy, you will attract it. If you dwell in low energy, you will attract it. One propels you forward to your goal; the other holds you back.


You are always at choice. You can control your thoughts, feelings and actions…or you can give that control over to other people, other things, other distractions. Now…go back to that goal that you were thinking of earlier…the big, scary one. Confirm that you really, really, WANT that goal. Today, commit to work the garden of your time to be BETTER, to put in the work to move toward your goal. No matter what. It may take sacrifice. You may stumble. What you will not do is quit.

Steps for Fueling High Energy

1.Engulf yourself in your goal. Put reminders everywhere.
2.Commit. How badly do you WANT it?
3.When you feel discouraged, use the Pause>Breathe>Reframe skill to elevate your outlook. This in turn elevates your energy.
4.Focus forward. Every gain matters.
5.Stumbles = learning.
6.Never quit. Ever.

Remember, we are vessels of energy. We emit it; we receive it. We do not attract what we desire; we attract what we are BEING. It starts with you and the choice you make in every moment. It’s now time to work your goal garden!

Sources: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) Foundation Principles; video Kobe, Be Better__


Timeless Leadership

A Gift from the Past

It was 1991, I was a young Captain in Frankfurt, Germany. I had just taken command of the 109th Military Police Company. The company was a shambles, having just returned from Desert Shield in disgrace. A series of severely bad decisions resulted in the commander being relieved of command, his 1st Sergeant was removed shortly upon redeployment back to Germany.
Coincidentally, we had just welcomed in a new Battalion Commander. Little did I know that he would end up being one of the most influential leaders that I’d ever worked with or for. When he shared his Commander’s Intent with me, I was prepared for the mundane based on past experiences. I was very wrong. LTC Lowman proceeded to share with me his Personal Leadership Philosophy (PLP), one that went far beyond the standard SOP based prattle that I received from previous commanders. His was genuine, thoughtful, honest, and communicated his philosophy of mutual support, learning, growth, and success. I was mesmerized. I left his office inspired and returned to my company area, threw out my old Commander’s Intent and created a new one; a PLP that was authentic to what I expected of my officers and soldiers as well as what I wanted to do for them as their commander. Nine months after taking command, I’m happy to report that my company literally went from the worst in the Brigade to the best! Leadership is important and being armed with a written and communicated PLP is the difference maker.
Why is this top of mind? While clearing out clutter, I came upon a folder of military documents. Stuffed in the middle of random orders, certificates, memorabilia, was that original, typed PLP that I wrote after leaving LTC Lowman’s office! I thought I had lost it in the move from MI to MO. That PLP, which I called my Philosophy of Command, became the basis of my “civilianized” PLP that I used at General Motors and Harley-Davidson. I chuckled at the brevity of that old document, the rawness, yet the authenticity of my values and my passions were loud and clear. My later refinements would reflect my growth as a leader, nuances and vulnerabilities, a closing paragraph to communicate mutual support.
A solid PLP stands the test of time. Do you have one? Written and communicated? Do you use it for reflection and feedback from your team and stakeholders? Connect with me and get yours started!



Own Your Life

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Diane Wilhelm
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