July 11, 2023

July Energy Check

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Let Freedom Ring!

As we continue to celebrate our nation’s birthday through the month of July, I hope that everyone emerged from Independence Day unscathed from any fireworks escapades! In the rural area where I live, we still have some folks firing off their excess supply!
We are in mid-summer now, knee deep in hot temps, vacations, time at the pool or lake, picnics, summer sports leagues, and patio gatherings around the grill with friends and family. It’s also a great time to reflect on the fundamentals, so this month we’re going to focus on what those fundamentals have in common with FREEDOM and our Individual Liberty.



Year of Jubilee

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell, though once active in Independence Hall, is now on display at the Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Worth a visit if you’ve never seen it up close! On the bell is an inscription from the Bible, specifically, Leviticus 25:10; “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” This verse refers to the Year of Jubilee in which slaves were to be set free in accordance with Hebrew tradition. Abolitionists are responsible for the name we know (Liberty Bell) and it quickly became the symbol of not only individual freedom but also the quest to free ALL slaves. We most often associate the bell as a symbol of our “divorce” from England…but it is so much more than that! The Liberty Bell with the Bible verse inscribed on it, reminds us that the fight for freedom is never over on this earth; we must always stand for those who are weaker than we are, we must always speak out against all types of slavery.
In an 8/24/2016 article from Time Magazine, Dr. Ben Carson wrote, “…the Liberty Bell’s true story reminds Americans of all stripes that our nation’s history — and future — belongs to us all. It challenges us to tear down systems that hold us captive and honor the price great men and women paid to cast and re-cast the American mold to form a more perfect union.”
This commitment extends into our very form of government. We are NOT, in fact, a democracy. We ARE by intention, a represented republic. Our Founding Fathers knew that in order to keep true power in the hands of the people, government had to be restricted. Otherwise, government would in due course become the “Master” and the people would become the “Slaves.” Thus, the Liberty Bell symbolizes our commitment to end all slavery, in all of its forms. That includes government!
For freedom to grow, thrive and defeat slavery in any form, each person must be willing to be responsible and vigorously question any action, policy, process that erodes individual freedom or subjugates one group over another. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand; one cannot survive without the other!

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

Thomas Jefferson




Your Choice

Conscious Choice

In this country we have more opportunity than any other country to exercise the concept of Conscious Choice. Practicing this skill is the first step in ensuring that YOU are always responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. This is what I call a Big T truth; it is a fact. Maybe you’ve said or heard others say “He made me so mad,” or “She really hurt my feelings.” While the feelings of anger, frustration, sadness or betrayal are very real, the Big T truth is that no one can MAKE us feel a certain emotion. The world has come to blur the lines of fact and opinion, using language such as “what’s true for you may or may not be true for me.” I refer to these opinions as Little t truths. For example, I could decide that I can fly and demand that you acknowledge and respect that I can fly (like a bird). That’s fine and I have the right to live in that Little t truth (opinion). However, if I jump off my roof to demonstrate my ability to fly, the Big T truth is going to come into play very quickly when I abruptly travel vertically down to the ground rather than laterally across the yard.
Every moment that you abdicate your choice to respond to the world around you…you become rooted in the Little t world because you allow other people, other things, other events to dictate how you will think, feel and act. You become accustomed to NOT choosing…to NOT being responsible…to NOT being FREE.
Remember, freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. This month is a great time to reclaim your individual freedom, your personal liberty, your ability to determine your perspective to what you experience. You are perfectly capable of making your choices in the moment. All you have to do is practice it and love freedom more than slavery. It’s really that simple. In every moment you have the opportunity to be FREE and choose your response or be a slave and react, bowing down to how others want you to think, feel and act. You can speak up for yourself with your choice, or be silent and give in.
Time to decide. Are you claiming your freedom? If so, remember this tool to shift your energy: PAUSE>BREATHE>REFRAME. If you are feeling hesitant or unsure if you can consistently demonstrate this freedom, please connect with me. I am happy to guide you through this journey. Mastering this skill will truly change your life. Click the image or button at the bottom of this newsletter to learn more.



Find Your Tribe

You CAN Live Your Purpose!

Imagine attending a 4-day event to learn, grow and gain skills to impact your business and at 4:30 am on a Saturday morning, in the middle of a crowd of 5 thousand people you realize, “THIS IS MY PURPOSE & THIS IS MY TRIBE!” Yep, that was me. What an unlikely place to have that epiphany yet so perfect at the same time.
I truly love helping people, especially leaders. I’m already in my third year of private practice and it’s been beyond my dreams with the lives that I have helped transform. Yet, something was missing. ln the Army, the camaraderie was tangible, and the tribe was obvious. At Harley-Davidson, there were multiple tribes that I felt connection with though the Launch Team will always have my heart. In private practice, as an entrepreneur, I found my tribe in 109-degree heat in San Antonio, Texas! Expanding my practice into the wellness arena completed the life puzzle for me, perfectly complementing the leadership side of my practice.
Why do I share all of that? Because I am 61 years old and I am happily STILL learning, growing, thriving, and now I am accelerating that vibe with my tribe of like-minded business owners. It’s never too late folks. Find your tribe, that group that energizes you, lifts you up, inspires you, challenges you to be your very best, that group that will have your back when you feel miserable and compel you to pick yourself up to succeed again. We are meant to live in community; ensure that your community is an uplifting one, a community where you can play and be authentic!
Professional coaching may be the first step and nudge you need to find your tribe AND live your purpose. Mind, body, spirit, all in alignment is a fantastic place to BE.
I am personally inviting you now. Click on the image to join my free, private community. Do it. Yes, it’s both an invitation and a challenge. I will guide you. You CAN live your purpose! No excuses…let’s GO!



Diane Wilhelm
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