March 18, 2024

Rise up, every day is a new beginning!

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The season is changing, you can feel it in the air. You can see it around you as buds begin to peak out among the tree branches. The days are in fact, getting longer. The miracle of life as we traverse through the seasons is happening right in front of us.
The truth is that this miracle happens for each of us every day. We wake up and we set forth. As we begin each day, we have the opportunity to start anew. We have the most critical choice of the day occurring as we roll out of bed. How well are we taking that important step? Let’s take a deeper look at HOW we can ‘rise up’ every day, with brilliant energy and impact.

Habits Matter

Habits, according to Merriam-Webster are “an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.” There are variations of this definition but they all resonate with the application of a practiced behavior requiring little thinking or analysis. Typically, conversations around habits center on the bad ones; smoking after dinner, eating when stressed, speeding when driving. However, habits can also be good! Exercising daily, reading before bed, drinking 64 ounces of water daily, taking your kids to school (or picking them up). The question is….are your habits purposeful and are they serving you well?
A Duke University study found that at least 45% of our waking behavior is habitual! That means that 45% of the time, we are unconsciously navigating through our day, which is, as Michael Bungay Stanier puts it, “…amazing and a little disturbing.” Ever heard someone say “we are creatures of habit,” turns out that Duke confirmed it. So what do we do with this information?
We can start with owning and creating the habits that we want, the habits that align with our authenticity as well as ditching or changing the habits that may not be serving us optimally. One of the best ways to create a helpful habit is to link it to your big picture goals, philosophies or values. In the book, Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change, the author cites that thinking about what the new habit can do for others or people you care about rather than solely what it can do for you will cement it’s importance for you. For example, the author was unable to quit smoking until he tied it to a commitment to his wife and newborn daughter.
A few months ago, you likely created goals for the year, some professional and some personal. How are your daily habits, that 45% of your awake time, supporting those goals? Which habits should be changed? What new habits could boost your attitude/energy, perspective, and performance toward those goals? The sun will rise again tomorrow providing another new beginning opportunity. It is your choice to leverage it.

Chart Your Course

  1. 1. Reflect on your daily routine. How much of it is purposeful? How much is reactionary? What one or two elements could you flip to purposeful?
  2. 2. Think about your daily commitments. Have you taken on more than you can realistically manage? Are these commitments serving your greater purpose (core beliefs & values)? What commitments could you release, reprioritize or delegate?
  3. 3. How disciplined are you with your self-care? You cannot be at your best for others if you are not thinking and feeling at your best. This includes mindset, health, and fitness. What one action could you take today toward your own self-care?

You can wish for better habits or you can simply make better habits!

March is Momentum Month

Success is the sum of small efforts day in and day out. –Robert Collier

One of the many cool things about being an entrepreneur is that I get to collaborate and co-create with other like minded entrepreneurs, company leaders, and coaches! It’s a great environment to be a part of, one in which we are all in support of one another rather than in competition. The focus is growth, learning, development and elevating our energy and impact on those around us.
In recent conversations with these awesome peers and clients, there has been an encouraging, optimistic vibe. It is a contagious attitude of resilience and success; we create momentum for each other by being supportive of each other. These leaders understand that we each have the opportunity to Rise Up every day, to make a difference in the lives of others IF we can first make that difference within ourselves. It starts with the moment you roll out of bed and pad toward the bathroom. What do you see? What do you feel? Is your environment giving you success cues?
Join me in making March the month of creating your momentum with success habits and cues! Here are some simple examples to get your day started with anabolic (uplifting) energy:
* Post pics on your bathroom mirror that make you smile.
* Post affirmations and/or scripture where you will see it when you first get up. Maybe it’s by your bed, on your phone, or in the bathroom.
* Think of 3 things that you are grateful for as you go through your morning readiness routine.
* Error proof the things you dread. Hate thinking about what to wear in the morning? How about laying the clothes out the night before!
* Set your Intentions for the day. Do that before or during breakfast, while you exercise, or even on your drive to work. Focus on how you want to show up, not on what you want to get done.
* Do something nice for a family member before you head out the door (or to another door if you work from home).
There is truly nothing stopping you from living your best life! If you are feeling impeded, unable to remove obstacles in your path, or having difficulty letting go of feelings of anger or frustration, click on any image in this newsletter and let’s set up some time to create and implement your Success Strategy.

Mind and Body

Leading my own coaching & consulting business certainly motivates me to model the behaviors that I KNOW lead to optimized performance, both professionally and personally. But hey, I’m no robot. We get one pass at this wonderful life journey so if I indulge in an occasional Andy’s frozen custard or a deep dish pizza, I do so with zero guilt. It’s all about purposeful choices and living the 80/20 rule
80/20 rule = being optimal with your choices 80% of the time. That leaves you 20% for purposeful indulgences or the occasional collapse to temptation. The key to maintaining that 80% is implementing purposeful choices…which means you have a PLAN.
Since Jan 1st, I’ve been participating in a Clean Eating program with my Hubby. To date, my veggie hating Hubby has lost 36 pounds! He’s now adjusted his belt 4 notches. Most importantly, he feels great and is super committed to hitting his goal, which is less than 20 pounds away. This program is not a diet. It is a transformation of mindset. I was not personally focused on weight loss; my goal was losing body fat percentage and gaining muscle. That said, as of today, I’m down 12 pounds and 3.9% body fat!
While Hubby has made his progress without adding exercise, I made my progress by pairing the Clean Eating program with my strength training regimen. I love the versatility!
If you are tired of being tired, tired of dreading summer, tired of not being at optimal health…if you’re interested in learning more about transforming your mindset to transform yourself into a person with optimized energy, agility and vibrancy…smash the button below and let’s talk about this Clean Eating program.. It’s time to get past excuses and claim your youth back.

Diane Wilhelm

Mindset is Everything

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March 18, 2024


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