April 18, 2024

April Energy Check! 2024

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What is your Spring Fever Vibe?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Spring Fever is a THING! They define it as: “a lazy or restless feeling often associated with the onset of spring.” Seems a bit contradictory, doesn’t it? How can that be? It all depends on your outlook, your perspective, or as I like to call it, your Vibe.
Recall in prior publications I’ve spoken about the two types of energy that are within each of us at any given time: catabolic energy and anabolic energy. Neither are good or bad, they both have a purpose. The key is whether you are choosing the energy or if you are defaulting to let other people or your circumstances choose it for you. Use the term that resonates most with you whether it’s energy, outlook, perspective, attitude, or vibe….the essence is the same…we both emit it and receive it.
For some people experiencing Spring Fever, the result is a paralysis of sorts, known as procrastination. We all succumb to procrastination from time to time but according to Psychology Today, 20% of us are Habitual Procrastinators! Wherever you land in the spectrum…dabbler or seasonal or habitual…let’s take a deeper look at the what and why of procrastination and then how to overcome it.


The Grave Where Opportunity is Buried

It is a universal understanding that procrastination is not a good practice. Yet, we all give in to it occasionally. For some, it becomes a destructive habit. Why? If we know that it’s not good for us, why do some of us become so routine about procrastinating? Research indicates some common themes behind the culprit:

  1. You don’t view the task as fun or enjoyable.
  2. You believe that you are not good at the task.
  3. You perceive that the task is complicated or too hard.
  4. You feel too tired, mentally or physically, to focus on the task.
  5. You purposely delay the task because “I work better under pressure.”

Research has shown that procrastination is closely linked to being fixated on negative thoughts. Translation: you’re judgmental muscle is being flexed! Fixating on the catabolic side of the task generates a desire to either avoid or attack the task. The latter may get the task done but the quality of the work will likely not be your very best and more importantly, your enjoyment of the task will be near zero. Conversely, avoiding the task does not make the task go away. Whether it’s at work or at home, the consequences of avoiding the task can magnify “stress, reduce performance and lead to poor health,” published in a study conducted by Bishop University.

Procrastination is a Choice

What have you been putting off? Before we review some steps to break through the paralysis of procrastination, take 2-3 minutes to quickly jot down what tasks you have been delaying. Be honest with yourself. Once you have your list, set it aside. We will come back to it!

Begin With the End in Mind

The fundamental way to bust through procrastination is to shift your energy UP and leverage anabolic energy to identify other opportunities, potential outcomes, and most importantly, envisioning how you will think and feel when you’re done (and satisfied) with completing the task. While catabolic energy is akin to wearing horse blinders where you can only see two outcomes, good/bad, right/wrong, win/lose…anabolic energy enables you to see ALL of the possibilities! Make the choice by taking a deep breath and asking yourself two questions:

  1. How true is that really?
  2. What’s another possibility?

Now, grab that list you made of the things you’ve been putting off. Whether they are work related or not. Take a look at the first one. Which of the 5 themes is contributing to delaying this task? Next, ask yourself the two reframing questions. List some of the other possibilities. Lastly, write down a plan to truly show up for that task, visualizing what the finished task will look like and how you will think and feel about it. Do this for every item on your list.

Accept Responsibility and Excel

Now that you have your plan for each of the things that you’ve been delaying or avoiding, focus on the process of getting the task done and accept responsibility for bringing your best self to the task. You have already excelled by putting a plan in motion to do your best. Bringing our best effort results in momentum and momentum blows up procrastination every time.

Sources: Psychology Today website; Dr Travis Bradberry, author of Emotional Intelligence Habits; Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

April2024 Legacy Matters


We recently attended the Kids Night Out annual fundraising event for the Boys & Girls Club of Kansas City. It was a truly fun and memorable event, raising over $2.7M for the club. Thousands of children will be positively impacted as a result. Many people are involved in philanthropic activities whether it’s giving of time, resources, or funds. These are important ways to contribute to your legacy. 50 years from now, your effort will have made a difference!
There’s another way to carve out your legacy however; and leaders often skim right past it every day. Imparting your wisdom, your mentorship, your coaching to another leader whether it’s a peer or a younger generation is a very lasting and often life changing way to build your legacy. Every time you pour into another person, they will carry a bit of you with them. Isn’t that powerful and amazing to think about?!
Why do leaders predominantly overlook this golden opportunity? It comes back to choice and being purposeful in how you live every moment of your life. Simply put, being “busy” is the enemy of being purposeful.
Be a pioneer! It doesn’t matter if “no one is doing this at my company.” YOU can do it. YOU can make a difference. YOU can figure out how to get moving. Some ideas to help you out:

  • Offer to informally mentor or coach a young person in your company or group.
  • Take a more personal interest in the development of your direct reports. Think beyond training classes; instead, share your experiences and wisdom. Ask them what they struggle with, then LISTEN and guide them toward their solution.
  • Create a ‘fireside chat’ or ‘mastermind’ group that would meet on a recurring basis. The purpose of the group is mutual sharing, growth and improvement. This can be done in-person or virtually, at the office or hosted in someone’s home.
  • Take your team out to an event where you are all able to talk informally; baseball games are great for this. Use this time to learn more about them and share your experiences, both your successes and the bruises that you learned from.

What do these all have in common? Connection. Yes, it takes time but if you shift your life cadence from surviving the day and being busy all the time to being present in the moment and purposeful with your intent, you’ll reap big benefits: greater life satisfaction, more joyfulness, less stress and…establishing your leadership legacy.

Need help with increasing your productivity and purposeful focus? Click on the image or button at the bottom of this newsletter to unlock your leadership legacy!

pwtransformation He Did It!

Brownies & Chicken

While it’s no secret that I love doing what I can to optimize my health and fitness, let’s just say that Hubby has been a GREAT cheerleader but not necessarily sharing in my enthusiasm. Yes, he is very active in other ways, working outside daily on our micro-farm and also enjoying getting miles of walking done at the lake. He’s also made healthier food choices along the way but over the holidays, he was really feeling BIG. All the things he had done in the past to drop a few pounds no longer worked. His cravings for sweet things seemed to be getting worse. Did I mention that he’s not a fan of veggies? Well, unless you count potatoes and corn as veggies (haha).

Around that same time I reconnected with a fellow West Point graduate who shared that he had lost 135 lb on a clean eating program. I was intrigued. He shared the approach with me and as soon as he mentioned that his favorite aspects of the plan included BROWNIES, I knew that we might have a “winner, winner chicken dinner” for Hubby! Long story short, I reviewed the plan materials, ensuring that it wasn’t a “diet,” but instead a transforming way to lose and then maintain weight, and ordered the plan for both myself and Hubby.

I wasn’t necessarily looking to lose weight but in my body re-composition journey, I was focused on reducing % body fat. So on New Year’s Day, we started our transformation journey together. To date, Hubby has lost 44.5 lb! I’ve lost 17 lb and 5% body fat! And, we’re not done. It’s been a really great journey and we’re looking forward to transitioning to maintenance mode in a few months.

I especially love the simplicity of the program and the ease of meal preparation. Most of you know that I don’t love to cook so anything that is efficient and effective in the kitchen is a big winner in my book! Beyond that, Hubby is no longer addicted to sugar and….wait for it…my Hubby of 27 years actually ASKS for salad with dinner now! Folks, that NEVER happened in the past. I’m very proud of what he is accomplishing and the positive changes he’s made.
If you’d like to learn more about this Clean Eating plan that requires zero calorie counting, click on the image or button below to set up a discovery call. No pressure, no obligation. Just me sharing what we’ve been doing and then it’s up to you to decide.

Diane Wilhelm

Chief Transformation Officer

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