May 14, 2024

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Spoiler Alert: Everyone is an Influencer!

The word influencer has come to mean someone with an account on social media that commands a minimum of 10,000 followers. Is that you? Maybe, maybe not. Even if you are not hosting an account or platform with thousands of followers, I have a newsflash for you…you ARE an influencer!
According to the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), at any given moment, you are either leading yourself or you are influencing the person you are interacting with. Fundamentally, leadership is influencing yourself and others, either by choice or by default!
Congratulations, you ARE an influencer AND you are a leader! Now, let’s focus on how to do both with purpose, authenticity, and most of all, enjoyment.

Be Fearless!

Risk = Excitement = Confidence!

Think about the last time you wanted to do something, but didn’t. Something held you back. What was it? If you reflect long enough, it normally comes down to fear. Fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of not being perceived as good enough, fear of embarrassment, etc. What is the opposite of fear? Confidence.
Truth be told, confidence isn’t really a feeling. We tend to notice feelings first but confidence is generated by a thought. A thought that is really a decision to BE confident; it’s all about choice in the moment. The coolest aspect of this is that you can STRENGTHEN your ability to make that choice by practicing it. The more you practice, the better you get! Over time, choosing to BE confident becomes comfortable and a part of how you ARE.
How, exactly, do you start that habit? Simple. Embrace a “can do” perspective; that means in everything you do, in everything you experience, embrace that you are putting your best effort into it and the outcome is already successful because you are learning and growing. Once you stop personalizing outcomes and instead, view them as data, you are free to BE confident in your ability to succeed because you keep learning, growing, and improving with every experience! Confident people take thoughtful risks, do exciting things, and achieve beyond their expectations. This is no accident. Choice and mindset are your superpowers; use them.

What Confident People Don’t Do…

Dr. Travis Bradberry touches on this topic in his April 17th installment of Emotional Intelligence Habits. A few takeaways from the article:
1. Make excuses. Confident people don’t blame others or situations; they own their own thoughts, feelings, and actions. For example, they don’t blame traffic for being late to a meeting; they own their own lack of planning.
2. Quit. Perseverance is a key trait of confident people. They embody the adage, “If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again!”
3. Wait for permission to act. When confident people encounter a challenge or problem, they don’t look around for someone else to resolve it. They jump in to do the right thing.
4. Duck and cover. Confident people do not avoid conflict nor do they procrastinate. They embrace that conflict is a normal part of life to leverage in order to move forward.
5. Create win/lose scenarios. Realizing that success is a journey that can be shared with others eliminates the need to knock others down to gain an advantage. Confident people recognize the value in a gain-gain mindset.

Put It Into Practice

    • Reflect on these behavior choices that confident people practice daily.
    • Select one, or more, to start practicing today.
    • Visualize how choosing to BE confident could elevate both your performance and your level of personal satisfaction and joyfulness.
    • DO IT.

Walking the Talk

High Performance Habits

Brendon Burchard is one of the world’s leading high-performance coaches and speakers. Ed Mylett is in that same elite category. If you are not already subscribed to Brendon or Ed’s podcasts, I encourage you to remedy that today.
Both will tell you that you can listen to their wisdom, you can attend their conferences, you can read their books…but none of that will transform you into a High-Performance leader unless you put what you learn into practice! In essence, personal development isn’t something that you put on your calendar as a to-do if you really want to optimize your mindset and performance. Personal development is something that you LIVE. It’s part of who you are, how you navigate through life, how you grab success while others chase it. This applies to you at work, you in relationships, you at home, you and health.
In a recent Daily Fire podcast, Brendon talked about the WHY behind personal development as well as how you know it’s working. I want to highlight for you my Hubby’s health journey as a way to illustrate these points.
Like most people, Pat didn’t wake up one day, suddenly overweight. It crept up over time. When he decided to embark on a lifestyle change, I encouraged him to make this a “get to do” rather than a “have to do.”

        1. Readiness. This is daily intention setting, visualizing how you will lean into whatever the day brings with confidence and gratitude. Pat stepped onto the scale and was immediately horrified. He took a deep breath, wrote down the number, and leaned into the challenge. He set up his weight and food tracker & identified other success metrics. He resolved that no matter what the scale reflected, he would trust the process.
        2. Richness. A daily depth of presence and appreciation for each moment and experience. Personal development elevates your ability to embrace the richness of life; truly savoring the sights, sounds, and smells. The first few days were hard for Pat as his body went through detoxification from the refined sugars and chemicals in most of our processed foods. He increased his knowledge of the clean eating program, educating himself on what good fuel does for his health and longevity. He focused on his planting spreadsheet for the spring season and got his sprouts going in the grow room. He embraced gratitude for the journey and what he was learning.
        3. Renewal. Leveraging the ability to hit the reset button throughout the day as needed. This is owning your mindset. By March, Pat had not been out to a restaurant in months. He had lost 39 pounds but travel was looming as we would spend a weekend in the Ozarks with his niece and her family, vacationing from Georgia. What to do? Stay on plan, indulge, or a bit of both? Embracing the “get to” rather than the “have to” mindset, Pat created a weekend plan that allowed for some indulgences. Most importantly, he accepted whatever the outcomes would be as part of the learning opportunity. This eliminated failure from the menu and replaced it with growth and improvement. He was excited to eat out and enjoy time with his family. What did he learn? Yes, he gained back a few pounds but not many and he learned that restaurant food wasn’t as yummy as he remembered. He regained his momentum quickly.
        4. Role Model. Elevating your own growth and improvement also elevates your self-standard to model what you learn. Putting knowledge into practice is truly “walking the talk.” Pat continued to increase his knowledge of what foods fueled him best, gave him great energy, etc. He developed the habit of six small meals per day and surprised himself (and me) by discovering that salad is really good food. That’s a big revelation for a man who hates most vegetables! His weight loss continued. He felt better, his knees didn’t hurt anymore, and his energy soared. The more he lost, the more motivated he became to not just lose weight, but to obtain optimal health. He revised his original goal! He recently cleaned out his closet because in his words, “There’s no going back!”

Personal development is not only critical to your mental and physical self-care, it is a gift to yourself AND others. To date, Pat has lost 56 lbs! He is now closing in on his updated goal and will soon be embarking on the next phase of the journey, transition to maintenance. I am so happy for him! He is living his best life because he embraced personal development and is now LIVING IT.
What aspect of personal development do you have locked up in your brain but haven’t put into practice? Unlock it now and go LIVE it. You’ll be happy you did.

Whether your journey is one of confidence, influencing, leading, optimizing health, or transitioning careers, I am here for you! Click on the button at the bottom of this newsletter to connect with me today.

Let’s GO!


I am so motivated to help you become the very best version of YOU! Maybe it’s because it’s race season and I just get naturally amped at this time of year. Maybe it’s because my leadership and project clients are stacking wins upon wins in their businesses and it’s super fun to be a part of it all. Maybe it’s the contagious energy of seeing Hubby so vibrant and active. Whatever the reason, you are going to benefit because I am giving away FREE health assessments!
No strings, no sales pitch, no obligation. The session involves a few questions about your health and mindset, is 100% confidential, and you gain increased knowledge and self-awareness about your health journey opportunities.
What do I gain? Your insight and feedback. Your participation will help me optimize my processes. Thank you in advance for helping me!
To participate, simply click on the image at left and put HA in your message to me. OR, you can connect with me on Facebook and send me a direct message there, find me @CoachDi, OR, email me directly at [email protected].

Diane Wilhelm

You are always at Choice!

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