Spartan Warrior Values

Diane is passionate about helping her clients improve their skills and grow as individuals.

Passionate Service

Diane supports her clients through inspirational leadership and partners with them to help them achieve their life’s purpose. Diane will work alongside her clients, providing feedback and ideas over the long-term.


Diane tactfully and courageously speaks the truth in order to foster strong bonds and sustain a mutual dialogue that leads to honest introspection and creative solutions.


Diane helps her clients understand that with the right mindset, they have the power to solve any issue they are facing.

Bold Perseverance

Diane believes that life is a marathon, not a sprint; success is born from relentless enthusiasm driven by strong leadership.

Continuous Improvement

Diane is innovative in her approach and techniques; she is always learning new ways to help her clients.

A Champion’s Attitude

Diane believes that winning is possible in every situation if you have the right tools and determination.

Diane Wilhelm

Diane's approach is value-based and process-focused. She is committed to the mastery of mindsets relating to continuous learning, growth, and improvement, which are all vital to delivering optimal performance and results.  Opportunity is everywhere and in every experience, if one opens one’s mind to all the possibilities.

Previous Experience

  • Chief Engineer of Advanced Manufacturing at Harley-Davidson Motor Company
  • Manufacturing Executive with General Motors
  • Serving in the United States Army for 11 years on active duty, achieving the rank of Major in the Military Police Corps

Diane’s Credentials and Affiliations


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