September Energy Check!

leaves of a tree in bright sunlight

The Gratitude Lesson Let’s be honest. We typically reflect on gratitude in the month of November, which makes perfect sense since it aligns well with the holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s kind of a rule, right? Well, why does gratitude have to be confined to a particular month? What if we practiced gratitude EVERY month? Here’s a…

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July Energy Check!

American Flag waving in the sky

Freedom is a Choice July is a significant month for Americans as we celebrate the founding of our nation. The core of our founding documents; the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights, is the premise of personal freedom. Regardless of political opinions, the fact remains that every human…

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June Energy Check

An endless highway with greenery

Life is a Journey The essence of the Mastery Mindset philosophy is recognizing that life is a journey. Outcomes/results, are the byproducts of that journey as we make our way through this amazing opportunity we call LIFE. Who is in the driver’s seat of your journey? How do you take in the experiences along the…

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May Energy Check

May Energy Check by Spartan Warrior LLP

Mindset Matters May is a month of bright blooms with the world around us fully embracing the warmer months, more sun, and new beginnings. How appropriate that May is also Mental Health Awareness Month! The simple truth is that none of us can change the past, nor can we control or guarantee the future. What…

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