Mind-Body Connection

Whole Body Health and Fitness

As a credentialed Mindset Coach, Diane’s approach will give you a competitive edge in today’s challenging world. Diane shows you how to optimize your whole-body fitness, leveraging your innate core energy.

Mind-body Connection

Mind-Body Connection

You will be working with Diane, learning and training alongside her. She will help you understand the link between your mind, your body, and your performance. Healthy habits lead to a strong mind, body, and confident leadership.


You don’t have to be a Spartan Warrior to get fit and healthy…but you will feel like one! Diane will help you overcome your fitness challenges and achieve your goals. She will give you all the tools you need to feel better than ever before.

mind body connection

Fit, Fierce & Fun BOD Group

Looking for a private, supportive community of like-minded folks all striving to BE their best, fit, selves as we navigate through life’s ups and downs? This is the group for you! This free, mutual accountability group is a safe place to grow, try new things, stretch yourself, share successes and stumbles, and most of all, have FUN! Click the link to join Fierce, Fit & Fun today with immediate access to my daily uplifting content.


Diane Wilhelm

Diane’s approach is value-based and process-focused. She is committed to the mastery of mindsets relating to continuous learning, growth, and improvement, which are all vital to delivering optimal performance and results.  Opportunity is everywhere and in every experience, if one opens one’s mind to all the possibilities.

Previous Experience

  • Chief Engineer of Advanced Manufacturing at Harley-Davidson Motor Company
  • Manufacturing Executive with General Motors
  • Serving in the United States Army for 11 years on active duty, achieving the rank of Major in the Military Police Corps

Diane’s Credentials and Affiliations

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